Candlelight Conversations with Clanalog Pottery

In our inaugural feature, we're thrilled to introduce Clara Corominas, the talented artisan behind Clanalog Pottery.

Candlelight Conversations with Clanalog Pottery - Rhea Candle Co.

Introducing Candlelight Conversations, a captivating subcategory nestled within our Inspire section. Join us as we illuminate the creative journey of fellow artists, shedding light on their unique perspectives and experiences. Through intimate interviews and shared stories, discover the diverse inspirations that fuel their craft and ignite their passion for creating moments of warmth and beauty.

In our inaugural feature, we’re thrilled to introduce Clara Corominas, the talented artisan behind Clanalog Pottery. Clara’s exquisite ceramics are a testament to her dedication to craftsmanship and her deep connection to the world. Join us as we delve into Clara’s world, exploring the artistry and inspiration behind her stunning pottery creations. 

1. Tell us a little about yourself. How would you like to introduce yourself? 

My name is Clara. I am from Barcelona, but I’ve been living in Germany for a little over 5 years. I moved to Nuremberg to pursue my career as a footwear designer. I have always enjoyed various forms of handcrafted work, from sewing to watercolor painting, crochet to hand-poke, but in the last few years, I’ve realized that my true passion is pottery.
I enjoy having a good cup of coffee, and now, being able to create my own coffee mug designs, I try to elevate that experience.
Another passion of mine is traveling. Since I started delving into the ceramics world, I love traveling around, meeting other potters, and learning from their techniques.

2. You studied and work as a fashion designer. What led you to ceramics and pottery? 

Everything started when I was changing jobs. I wanted to find a way to meet my colleagues and friends from my previous job on a weekly basis and do something creative with them. So, we found a small studio outside of the city, and what seemed to be just another hobby to try, gave me a lot of creativity, peace, and concentration.

After over a year of having these weekly sessions with my friends, which almost became our therapy, I changed jobs again. This time, I had two months of holiday in between. I took the time to travel but also decided to go to Amsterdam for a week and take a course in wheel throwing, a pottery technique I had not tried before.

The first day of class in Amsterdam was rough. I couldn’t even center the clay, and after 5 hours of trying, my back and hands were hurting. The second day, however, everything was completely different. I realized that I had to really focus on what I was doing and forget about the other thoughts or worries coming to my mind.

After that amazing week in Amsterdam, I decided that I wanted to find a larger studio where I could continue practicing and learning that technique.

clanalog pottery

3. Tell us how is day-to-day life in the studio like?

Every day can look completely different, depending on the project I’m working on. But I’ve realized over the months that the best way for me to work is to set some goals.

At the beginning, I was just going with the flow and deciding on the spot what I wanted to build. But after a few weeks, I realized that it was leading me to not making thoughtful pieces.

I usually start by thinking about my goals or what I am working towards. Let’s say I have a market coming up; I decide which kind of pieces I want to have: mugs, vases, mini vases, plates, etc.

Then, I sketch in a notebook how I want these pieces to look once they are finished. I work on a first sample and make sure the measurements and shape are what I want.

When the pieces are fired and ready to glaze, I finalize my decision on color and glaze technique for the shape and clay I have used.

It is a long process to see the pieces finalized, and the day-to-day can be very different, but I think that’s what I enjoy: the excitement of every day being different and working on diverse parts of the full process.


4. What do you like most about your job/pottery?

What I enjoy the most is how I feel when I’m at the studio creating. It calms me down, and it’s as if all the noise suddenly disappears. It’s just me, concentrated, focused, and creating things I love.

Also, I love to see people’s reactions when they see my creations and see their happy faces. That makes me want to continue learning and improving.

5. Where do you find inspiration?

I get inspiration from my trips, the colors of different places, the thought process of how to improve existing shapes, and learning from other potter techniques.

6. Do you have any advice for people who are interested in starting in the world of pottery?

My advice is to just start, whether it’s at your own home and learning through TikTok/reels or taking a course. Experiment with clay but be patient; there might be some failures at the beginning, but afterward, if you continue, it can be really rewarding.